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Nikon F Lens to E-Mount Camera Mount Adapter

Commlite lens mount adapter CM-NF-NEX, allow you for connection from Nikon Lens(Including most Nikon lens type as: G,F,AI,S,D mount) to Sony NEX camera or Camcorders. It utilizes high-precision Aluminum alloy material, and be able to reach infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance required to support CRC lenses or lenses with floating elements. Furthermore, the adapter is designed with built-in Clickless Aperture dial that comes with 16 exact stops and detachable 1/4 Tripod foot. Comparing with the normal manual adapter, it brings you more exact Aperture adjustment guide and using convenience. Making your image much more flexible and professional.


Support Auto Focus 

Commlite EF-NEX adapter comes with the Gold-Plating Contact, which can help to connect your EF/EF-S Lens to E-Mount Camera, perfectly support AF and makes your old lens has a new life


Widely Used for Nikon Lens of G/F/AI/S/D type 

Commlite NF-NEX adapter is widely used for kinds of Nikon F lens including G/AI/AI-S/D,etc, making your Nikon F lens more versatile 

Manual Focus, can Reach Infinity Focus    
The Commlite NF-NEX adapter needs manual focus after mounting connection, the camera can make correct exposure after choosing the right shooting mode 

Lighting Elimination Technology Process   
Matte black lighting hole appearance process, efficiently eliminate the light, increases the quality of your photo


Detachable 1/4 Tripod Foot  

1/4 standard thread at the bottom, convenient for connection with tripod and other supports


Delicate Workmanship  

Delicate workmanship, made of aluminum alloy, more stable and durable

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