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500CM X 2 Conceptional Retractable Video Slider

Commlite ComStar Conceptional Retractable Video Slider CS-V500 comes with very creative design, which can move twice (1m) as Original Length Sliding Distance (500mm), better satisfy the filmmakers who shoot indoor or outdoor, which is more short and portable. In addition, the video slider utilizes accurate 8pcs ball-bearings and smooth transporting design, leading to very smooth shooting practice. And meanwhile , the small and big tooling is also included for adjusting the sliding damping, flexible and stable.

Twice As Original Sliding Distance, Conceptionally Retractable 

Smart design, Ball-bearing drived sliding, the sliding distance can get the 2 times the original distance based on the center of the tripod


8pcs Ball-bearings Design, Multiple Adjusting Wayof Sliding Tightness 

There’re totally 8pcs Ball-bearings installed in both top and bottom plates, by cooperating with the L-driving toolings which can help adjust the tightness

Sliding Stopper Built-in

Sliding stopper is designed in side of the slider, which can help to fix the top and bottom plates

Super Smooth Transporting Belt and Track Design 

The slider is designed with Leather transporting belt and Ball-bearing outer wheels, by working with the aluminum alloy track, the whole sliding is super smooth

1/4 and 3/8 Threads Built-in the Bottom for Connecting with Tripod

1/4 and 3/8 threads built-in the bottom for connecting with tripod


Built-in Spirit Level 

Built-in spirit level, to help judge the horizontal status during film-making 


High Precision CNC technics

High precision CNC technics, leading to perfect appearance

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