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TL680 TTL Flash Trigger

Super Ultra Sync Speed Trigger
Commlute TL680 can achieve the ultra-high speed, and can wirelessly trigger both the studio and flashgun in hight speed mode, the highest speed
is up to 1/8000s

TTL Function, Support FEC, FEB, FEL
TL680 comes with function, and perfectly support ETTL for Cannon and ITTL for Nikon, which makes you quickly exposure in complicated environment.

Grouping Function
Commlite TL680 flash trigger comes with three groups A/B/C. One can set totally 7 different grouping combinations and can trigger multiple grouping
receivers by one transmitter to achiver the function that controlling multiple flashguns or studio flashes in the same time.

Transmitter and Receiver Combined in One, Interlink Flash Trigger
Commite TL680 Flash Trigger, bulid transmitter and receiver in one, it's either be a transmitter or be a receiver, which can also help for interlink flash
during using.

"Wired+Wireless" Trigger Camera's Shutter, Flashgun and Studio Flash
Commlite TL680 Flash Tigger can wirelessly trigger flashgun and studio flash, and can also control camera's shutter wiredor wirelessly. Triggering
and Remote combined in one.

Support Front&Rear-Curtain Flash Sync
Commlite TL680 supports Front and Rear Cutain Flash sync, which makes you shoot the best and excellent photo.

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