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G430 Multi-functional Grouping Flash Trigger

2.4G Wireless Remote, 7 channels
Commlite G430 flash trigger utilize the FSK2.4G radio frequency for wireless-transmitting, coming with super anti-interference, which speed is much
more quicker than the traditional 433hz flash triggers, and totally providing you 7 channels for you options.

Grouping Function
Commlite G430 grouping flash trigger is combined with 3 groups G1, G2 and G3. One can set totally 7 different grouping combinations, and can
trigger multiply grouping receivers by one transmitter to achieve the function that controlling multiple flashguns or studio flashes in the same time.

Multiple Cameras Control Function
Commlite G430 groupomg flash trigger can control multiple camers by one camera and can make you shoot in any angles.

TTL Pass-through
G430 supports TTL-pass through function, one can work the falshgun directly on the camera' shot-shoe

Flash Sync Speed High up to 1/320s, Working Distance is 150m
The highest sync speed of G430 is 1/320s, and remote distance is high up to 150m, which makes your controlling more easier.

'Wired+Wireless' Trigger Camera's shutter, Flashgun and Studio Flash
Commlite G430 Grouping Trigger can wirelesy strigger flashgun and studio flash, and can also control camera's shutter wired or wirelessly. Tiggering
and Remote combine in one.

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