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Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Mount Adapter

Commlite newest Version Electronic Lens Mount Adapter CM-ENF-E(1) is featured with double-side electronic signal transmitting based on the mount adapter from Nikon F lens to Sony E-mount Camera or Camcorders, successfully achieve the functions of EXIF parameter transmitting / Aperture adjustment / AF (mainly for AF-I, AF-S which comes with lens' internal motor) / IS funtion, and highly increases the adapter convenience. 

EXIF Parameter Transmitting   
Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) can transmit the EXIF signals, and your camera and display the current info. like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure parameters, etc. 

Support AF Auto-focus (Support both Relative and Contrast Focus) 

Commlite Electronic adapter is ENF-E(1) is designed with internal aperture motor as well as the electronic contact, which can help to support Auto-focus (our version one adapter can support AF AF-S internal motor lens), and making your working smoothly like the original E-camera and its lens matches  

Support Aperture Adjustment   

Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) supports the Aperture Control, e,g.: one can adjust the Aperture from camera end directly to control the lens’ actual aperture. The adapter currently supports the EMD and Pull rod aperture lens

Support VR Function 
Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) supports the VR Lens Stabilizer, making your shooting much more steady and smooth

Compatible with teleconvertor, support AF while the Aperture is lower than F8
Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) supports the teleconvertor, and be able to auto-focus even the aperture is lower than F8

Support All Nikon F Mount Lens in MF mode   

Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) supports all the Nikon F Mount Lens in Manual focus mode 

Made of Aluminum Alloy, Powerful and Stable    

Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) utilizes the Aluminum Alloy material to be made,  after connecting with the lens it won’t deform after repeated using, which is strong and durable

Standard 1/4 Tripod Baseplate at the bottom    

Commlite Electronic adapter ENF-E(1) is designed with 1/4 tripod connection thread at the bottom to connect with the tripod and other supports,etc.

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