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120 Degree View Following and Carbon-fiber Video S

Commlite ComStar 120 Degree Rotated Film Shooting Followed Video Slider is made of the super light Carbon-fiber material, and processed by CNC technology , together with the built-in Wheel Ball-bearing design, it’s super smooth and light; Meanwhile, the slider is constructed with the special rotated pole and plate , which helps to achieve the 120 degree view shooting, bring you more professional and creative film delight !


18 Layer High-grade Double Carbon-Fiber Track Design, Super Light and Portable

The weight of Carbon-fiber is only 1/4 of the steel, but strength is 20 times more; Combined with the hollow-out design of camera plate and side-support , the weight decreases a lot and powerful enough  

120 Degree Rotating Shooting Follower, Precise and Flexible

The graduated scale of side-support is adjustable, and the view angle can reach 120 degree in maximum while in the most biggest scale

Ball-bearing Wheel Design, More Smooth with no Any Block

The Slider is designed with Wheel-style ball-bearing, making the sliding much more smooth without any noise

Water-proof Ball-bearing, Accurate and Smooth

The Ball-bearing is made in Japan, perfect water-proof and accurate

Steady Rotated Sliding Plate Design  

The Camera plate is combined of accurate rotated plate and built-in spirit level, the graduated scale on the plate can help to exactly fix the position of every shooting angle

Anti-skid Folded Supporting Feet Design, Easy for Leaving 

The supporting Legs can be rotated in 270 degrees , you can adjust the degree depending on your own shooting requirement, and can also fold it for easier storage

1/4 and 3/8 Tripod Thread Design, Good Extension with Tripod

Both the central bottom and side of the slider is designed with 1/4 and 3/8 standard tripod thread, which can help for connection with tripod for more stable and flexible support 

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