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Lens Flipper (For Canon/Nikon/Sony E-Mount)

Commlite CoMix Lens Flipper is widely used for outdoor shootings of photographer with one camera and multiple cameras, which makes your lens changer more fast and convenient. The Lens changer is made of Aluminum Alloy and processed by CNC technology, combining with the powerful metal holders and pure cottons’ strap, making your using practice more better !



One Camera and Double Lens for Quick Exchanging   

The Lens Flipper can be held in waist for quick Lens-change, convenient and fast


Aluminum Alloy Made, CNC Technology Processed    

The Lens Flipper is made of Aluminum alloy, and processed with CNC technology, accurate and smooth enough

Stainless Steel Made Buckle, Precise and Durable  

Both the lens flipper and Strap are made of Stainless Steel and electroplated precisely, powerful and durable


Pure Cotton Made Shoulder Strap, Comfortable and Durable      

The lens flipper’s strap is made of pure cotton, very comfortable and durable


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