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Lens Mount Adapter from Leica/Zeiss M to Sony E-Mo

The Macro Close-focus mount adapter LM-E can help to change the M series lens (including Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander brand) over E-mount camera, and one can also rotate the adapter body for reaching the Macro function as well as its Macro rating adjustment; The lens adapter & Macro Shooting double functions satisfy many users who owns both the M lens and E-Mount camera.

For Adapter & Macro Shooting     
Clockwise rotate LM-E body to make it be shortest, then the LM-E will be used as the lens mount adapter;
Anticlockwise rotate LM-E body to extend it, then the Macro function will be started and the Magnification will be adjusted non-steplessly accompanying the extending.

Macro Magnification Non-steplessly Adjusting  
Macro Shooting Magnification can be adjusted by rotating LM-E, and satisfy the users who has these camera and lens.

100% Pure Copper Made     
100% Copper Made, and make your ring more powerful.

Infinity Focus  
The camera can calculate the exposure according to the light brought into lens, and meanwhile can also manual focus while shooting infinitely.

Super-quality Matting Paint    
LM-E Adapter comes with Matting paint inside and can efficiently eliminate light reflection inside which makes your image more clear.

Widely used for Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander M series lens
LM-E is widely used for the Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander M series lens which makes your lens much more stronger for working with the new camera.

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